Our Values.

 We believe in making Direct-Source DataTM equitably accessible to all. 
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Technology Powered, People Driven.

People-First:. We value high performers who empower and elevate our people and customers above all else.
Accountability: We keep our promises and are transparent at all times.
Collaboration: We work together as a team to achieve remarkable results.
Humility: We believe in we, over me, and understand that there is a higher purpose than self.
Community: Work is a place where we can have fun, stay connected, celebrate together and be supportive of others.

In 2022 alone, 457 individuals were prevented from working with children due to red flag offenses returned to us from InformData.

We appreciate InformData’s willingness to work with us to create reporting metrics that serve child-serving organizations.

Thank you InformData, for helping us keep children safe.

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