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Bridging the gap between CRAs and the data they need.

Background screening solutions that empower CRAs with actionable insights that are reliable, efficient and drive down total cost of ownership.


Making your people data tasks easier.

Some CRAs have it easy. Data is always what they need, when they need it, provided in the same way that they sell it to their customer. What would you give to be one of those CRAs? Turns out, all you have to do is ask.


Eliminating the middleman.

There are too many. We agree. The direct source approach that we pioneered gets you closer to the data. No middleman. Just easy access, transparency and efficiency. Problem solved.

InformData’s API integrates with any proprietary system and with all of the major third-party platforms including:

Fast, reliable data.

People data at the speed of business. How your customers want it. When your customers need it. Those who want to be informed get their people data from InformData.

Inform yourself.

API first. People data supply chains. Making business easier. Transforming the way business is done. The only reason to settle for less is because you didn’t know.

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