Mitigate Risks With Data That Powers Informed Decisions.

Data solutions that empower companies with actionable insights that are reliable, efficient and drive down total cost of ownership.


Streamline your data tasks for effortless management.

While some professionals breeze through their tasks with seamless access to data tailored to their needs, others grapple with the complexities of effectively sourcing, organizing, and utilizing information. 

Our data solution empowers individuals to streamline their data tasks, transforming them from daunting endeavors into smooth, streamlined processes. Say goodbye to the frustration of hunting down scattered data sources and wrestling with incompatible formats. With our platform, you can access the precise information you require, precisely when you need it, in a format that aligns perfectly with your workflow.

Experience the difference today – simplify your data tasks, and elevate your work experience to new heights.


Fast, Reliable Direct-Source Data.

People data at the speed of business. Those who want to be informed get their people data from InformData.

InformData’s API integrates with any proprietary system and with all of the major third-party platforms including:


Eliminate the middleman.

Cutting out the middleman has always been a game-changer; we're leading the charge. We recognize the frustration of navigating through numerous intermediaries just to access the data you need. That's why we've pioneered the Direct-Source Data® approach—putting you in direct contact with the data, eliminating unnecessary layers, and streamlining the entire process.

By eliminating the middleman, we've solved a problem and revolutionized how data is accessed and utilized. Experience the ease and convenience of direct access – it's the future of efficient data management.


In 2022 alone, 488 individuals were prevented from working with children due to red flag offenses returned to us from InformData.

We appreciate InformData’s willingness to work with us to create reporting metrics that serve child-serving organizations.

Thank you InformData, for helping us keep children safe.

InformData CRA Customer