Actionable, up to the minute continuous activity monitoring.

Life is like a movie. It happens continuously. Why should your customer’s risk management only cover snapshots? CRAs, offer your customers protection by using the ongoing story about an employee’s background, with a continuous activity monitoring solution for arrests, incarcerations and bookings.



12% of the workforce is likely to be arrested in the next 5 years.

Scary. Sure, snapshots like pre-employment background checks provide tremendous insight into a candidate’s past at a point in time, but what happens throughout the tenure of their employment? What’s the whole story?

InformData has the solution that provides the insights.

InformData’s Population Management module provides CRAs with essential access to a person’s whole story for incarcerations, booking and court events, updated every 60 seconds, with 100,000+ records added daily. With the whole story in hand, your customers can make informed decisions and take action as soon as actionable data becomes available. Just plug the client’s employee roster into our population management module and we’ll take it from there.

What's in it for CRAs.


New Revenue Sources

Introduce a new product category that won’t cannibalize existing product lines.

Market Differentiation

Be an industry leader by offering a new solution that expands customer relationships.

Recurring Revenue

Subscription-based model provides greater business stability to CRAs and increases your total addressable market.


Continuous court access monitoring makes communities safer. Help your clients protect their employees and customers by keeping bad actors out.


Employers can expand their talent pipeline by reducing barriers to employment without increasing workforce risk.

Job Growth

Employers can expand their talent pipeline by reducing barriers to employment without increasing workforce risk.


Grow your business. Add value. Reduce risk.

If you’re a CRA and have clients in regulated industries or those who serve vulnerable populations, real-time continuous court access monitoring is critically important to them. It differentiates your CRA and makes you essential to their business every day, not just when new hires happen. The best part - the InformData Population Management module makes actionable court access monitoring easy to deploy and simple to maintain. Set it and forget it. We’ll tell you when there’s something you need to know when it happens. It’s one of the best ways to add revenue streams and grow your business.

Highlights of InformData’s proprietary offering.

Up to the minute, continuous activity monitoring
85%+ U.S. incarceration facilities covered
Direct-sourced data you can trust
60% of records include social security numbers
Proactive notifications. Nothing for you to sit and watch