November 29, 2023 | Continuous Activity Monitoring

Mitigating Payroll Risk: A 30-Day Case Study

In an era where information is key, the landscape of employment risks is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Did you know that 12% of the workforce is likely to be arrested in the next 5 years? While pre-employment background checks offer a valuable snapshot into a candidate's history at a specific moment, the real challenge emerges once the candidate transitions into an employee. What transpires throughout the course of their employment, and what is the comprehensive story beyond the initial check?

Continuous employee monitoring represents a proactive and dynamic approach that extends far beyond the initial hiring phase. By harnessing the power of technology and data-driven solutions, organizations can gain real-time insights into the activities of their workforce. InformData’s Continuous Activity Monitoring solution empowers consumers to mitigate employee risk.

We recently completed a 30-day case study involving the continuous monitoring of a specific employee demographic within the transportation industry. The findings are startling, especially when you view them through the lens of the transportation industry.

Here are some key findings:

  • The analysis revealed 10 Non-Jailable offenses, which conventional arrest monitoring methods would have failed to detect.
  • Continuous Activity monitoring identified 13 Traffic Moving Violations that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.
  • Four instances of Theft/Larceny were found, posing a substantial threat to future cargo.

CAM Case Study_Rochester Armored Cars_Nov2023

Theft and moving violations are among the infractions that are most detrimental within the transportation industry. These types of infractions have the potential to compromise both the safety of the workforce and the integrity of the cargo the company is moving. In the transportation sector, incidents of theft not only jeopardize the security of the valuable goods, but also erode the confidence clients place in the transportation service provider. The case study results highlight the frequency and extent to which employees’ backgrounds can change from pre-hire to post-hire. It also shows the transformative potential of staying updated with the latest data, enabling organizations to harness actionable insights that traditional background checks might miss.

Identifying potential risks in real-time enables organizations to proactively address issues, minimizing the impact on the overall workforce. Start mitigating employee risk today. Talk with an expert here.

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