National Criminal Data solution.

For CRAs of all sizes. InformData’s industry-first people data supply chain for National Criminal Data provides transparent access to reliable, comprehensive information — exactly the way you want it. The best part… at CRA-friendly prices that will delight your customers and strengthen your business.



Your clients demand efficiency and transparency.

CRAs today work with a patchwork of national criminal data, cobbled together using a hodgepodge of opaque sources with records that often lack even the most basic identifiers. Finding information your customers want is like looking for needles in haystacks. You’re forced to chase records that often bear no fruit or risk missing important information that could make all the difference in a hiring decision. If you’re fortunate enough to be among the largest CRAs you may have invested millions in R&D to overcome these limitations with a proprietary solution but everyone else has been out of luck. Until now…


InformData's National Criminal Data solution.

  • Criminal Data

  • Warrants & Watchlists

  • Arrest Data

  • Sex Offender Registry Data

  • Patriot Act Records


The InformData difference in national criminal data.

Imagine the simplicity of being able to manage your entire criminal research history in one place where our powerful search methods do the work. Simply combine your court data and criminal record search with our enhanced National Criminal Data. We’ll use this pointer data to triangulate on the relevant counties, seamlessly cutting costs, reducing noise and minimizing time spent finding the results you need.

National criminal database differentiators that matter.

Coverage: 850 million+ records from 2,000+ data sources covering 90+% of the U.S. population
Footprint: InformData has a nationwide footprint of automated court data harvesters and physical researchers that add records to our database 24 x 7 x 365 so you’re always up to date.
Cleanliness of Data: Systematically formatted results for easy readability and simplified API integration
CRA friendly business models: You’ll like the price, but you’ll love the reduction in labor and consolidated supply chain efficiencies
Transparency: InformData makes its complete source list available to CRAs
Customizable: Expansive filtering and reporting options to accommodate the most stringent client requirements