Criminal Records and Court Data Solution.

Data you trust because InformData brings you close to the data. Data you can use when you need it most. We offer industry-leading turnaround times, flexible business model pricing and quality that you only get when you’re this close to the data.




You demand efficiency, accuracy and transparency.

Your pursuit of efficiency, accuracy, and transparency is paramount. However, managing a vast network of court researchers or multiple data providers can be riddled with inefficiencies. The constant concerns about accuracy, turnaround time, and quality can overshadow your efforts. Moreover, the notion that increasing the number of providers enhances reliability often exacerbates the challenges of management.

It might be time to reconsider conventional approaches to criminal records and court data solutions. At InformData, we've taken a different path. We view data as a supply chain, one that accommodates both automated and manual research seamlessly. By prioritizing critical metrics such as access, accuracy, and sources, we enable you to model demand capacity and throughput effectively. This approach allows you to make informed decisions rather than relying solely on the brute force tactic of expanding provider numbers. In doing so, you can reduce overhead costs and enhance results without compromising on quality.



InformData's criminal data & court records solution.

Offered via our Connect platform or high-performance API, designed with the reliability of people data supply chain. Transparent. Monitored. Audited. 

  • Automated Criminal Court Research

  • Conventional Criminal Court Research

  • Federal Criminal Records

  • Sex Offender Registry Search

  • Civil Record Court Research

  • Statewide Criminal Record Research


The InformData difference in criminal record data.

Quality data is the foundation of your business. You’ve got to be as close as possible to the best data. No middlemen! 

100% of our Criminal Record data is direct-sourced. Turnaround time on automated searches averages less than 8 hours, and you’ll see 98% on-time performance for court research. We measure and report these statistics to make sure we’re fulfilling our commitment to you. That’s what a people data supply chain that puts you closer to the data your business needs means. That’s what InformData does.

Population management: the key to seamless continuous monitoring.

Continuous monitoring is not simply ‘periodic rechecks’ performed once every month or quarter. Our population management module is more agile, efficient, and responsive for managing your enrollment workforce. This means no more manual batch uploads or individual file management for your staff.


End-to-end population management module
Daily review of population as it becomes public from primary source
Real-time notifications based on client rules
Relevant negative and positive monitoring
Customer-defined risk levels for alerts and notifications