Critical Data for Assessing and Mitigating Risk.

At InformData, we have a unique approach to data and leverage people, process, and technology to revolutionize how businesses access and obtain the data they require to mitigate risk. Our cloud-based solutions and direct-source data eliminate intermediaries between businesses and the information you need while enhancing efficiency, scalability, and reliability.

We process over 60 million public record searches annually. InformData has more than 1,200 dedicated employees who strive to offer the best data solutions and make the world better informed.

Professionals prefer InformData to obtain critical data for enterprise-wide risk mitigation programs. We cater to a diverse range of industries, including:

  • Risk mitigation platforms

  • Sharing economy

  • Trust and safety

  • Finance

  • Insurance

  • External data as service platforms

  • Healthcare systems

  • Cash-in-transit

The public record, civil, and criminal data that we provide can be utilized for various purposes such as loss analysis, fraud prevention, claims investigations, enhanced due diligence, and investigations.

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Fast, reliable Direct-Source Data.

Critical data at the speed of business. How you want it. When you you need it. 

Our Enterprise Risk division supports stakeholders in the cash-in-transit industry that routinely experience internal loss and turn to us to mitigate risk after the fact. Thanks to InformData we are able to offer a real-time monitoring solution that enables them to identify and manage potential risk before a loss occurs.

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