Resume Verification Data Solution.

Beyond the deceptive resumes and manufactured profiles, get to what's real. When you need to know someone, trust InformData. Be Informed. 




Verifications are frustrating.

We know. Verifications are often the cause of delayed turnaround times. They tax internal operations and are less profitable than other services. When an avalanche of verifications buries your business, backlogs result, putting your reputation at risk.

Be informed. Verifications can be something other than a loss leader or source of risk. Whether you're looking to outsource verifications or identify a partner to help you with overflow and backlog, InformData is here to help. If you add up your internal costs of keeping verifications in-house, you'll find that InformData can help you reduce risk and become more profitable.



InformData's resume verification data solution.

This solution is available either through our Connect platform or our high-performance API. It has been designed to ensure reliability, much like a people data supply chain. The solution is transparent, closely monitored, and audited to maintain its quality standards.

  • Employment Verification

  • Education Verification

  • DOT Verification

  • Tenant/Residential History Verification

  • Professional/Personal Reference

  • Professional License Verification

  • FOIA Military Service Verification

  • International Employment Education Verification

  • Tenant Income Verification


The InformData difference in resume verification.

Resume verification is something you have to do. Companies like yours trust InformData to provide out-of-the-box resume verification solutions. With a 2-day average turnaround time and over 1.8 million verifications processed annually, we have the muscle, technology, and resources to handle the peaks and valleys of your volume. InformData will make you look good. It's what we do.

Not your ordinary verification service

People, process, technology. InformData's state-of-the-art verification technology and processes constantly minimize cost, improve hit rates, and reduce time to results. How? It's called Kaizen, which is Japanese for continuous improvement. It's optimized by design.

Machine learning technology modifies our verification process for each client based on your requirements and every outcome we experience. Every keystroke, phone call, time of day, and action sequence are inputs into our Kaizen optimizer. 

Our Kaizen process directs our people to modify their behavior to produce optimal results whenever you request a verification. The more requests you make, the better we become! 

No one in the resume verification industry has the people, process, technology, and operations footprint that InformData offers. This enables you to scale for volume, realize the benefits of efficiency, and take on more verification work without the concern of meeting customer demand and profitability.

Integrations using our API First Framework with third-party providers such as The Work Number, National Student Clearinghouse, and Google, automate research that expedites the verification process
Call flow engine to manage customized client experience
Customized documentation per client rules
Custom call patterns based on your individual customer needs
Auto-dialer increases efficiency and productivity allowing us to increase call volume by 20%
Local caller ID’s to optimize successful call acceptance rates
Complete recordings for historical archiving and auditing purposes
Targeted time zone calling to optimize successful completion rates
Verifiers have the option to complete verification via web and mobile increasing our successful completion rate
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Verifications