Think People-Data. Think Technology


InformData is a technology-powered business.

But what do we mean by that and how does that benefit our customers? When we say technology-powered, we mean that we’re constantly searching for and developing technology to push the envelope to deliver information more accurately, more efficiently and more effectively to you, our customer. And the best part is that these are not extra cost add-ons. At InformData, these powerful technologies are yours just for doing business with us. Here are a few examples.


Direct-Source Data®.

When you are in the data business, everything is about the data. When we talk about Direct-Source Data we mean data that is collected from primary sources, organized, transmitted securely and delivered to you as if you were standing in front of the source collecting it yourself. Doing that millions of times a day, reliably, accurately and rapidly, across the United States and in over 200 countries around the globe requires a technological marvel of networking, routing and databases. That’s Direct-Source Data working for you.


MyWay Results.

The one thing that every one of our customers has in common is that their customers want their people-data results exactly how they specify. Whether it’s a criminal background check or a work history verification the information needs to be presented exactly how the customer asks for it. When you’re processing 2 million queries a day, that’s a lot of organizing and formatting. Too much for even a team of people. So we developed MyWay Results. It’s a proprietary technology that allows computers to provide information exactly the way your customers want it, quickly and accurately.


Direct-Source API

Application Programming Interfaces aren’t sexy technology. In fact, if they are doing their job, you won’t even know they are there. But in the background, it’s the API that enables fast, reliable, secure connections between the applications you use to deliver value to your customer. Our Direct-Source API is like the cable coming into your house that allows you to select content from hundreds of providers, 24 hours a day. Using the Direct-Source API you can make search requests from your customer management platform and get results without ever having to remember a password or think about where the data is coming from.