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Meet the leadership team who delights in getting your CRA closer to the data it needs to scale reliably and profitably.

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The management team at InformData is a passionate, innovative and driven group of background screening experts. They've been CRAs, Researchers, Finance Experts and Data Scientists, and they have a shared vision for the future and understand the challenges facing your CRA. At InformData they lead the team to innovate technology, create solutions and scale a global organization that enables CRAs to make employers better informed about the talent they hire.

Scott Vanek

Scott Vanek.

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Lowers

Matt Lowers.


Dan Agee

Dan Agee.

Chief Operating Officer

Bill Wilder

Bill Wilder.

Chief Operating Officer

Biff Jennings

Biff Jennings.

Chief Financial Officer

Nick Fishman

Nick Fishman.

Chief Marketing Officer

Nick Kelland

Nick Kelland.

Chief Technology Officer

Vince Pascarella

Vince Pascarella.

Chief Legal Officer

Vince Brodt

Vince Brodt.

EVP, Sales and Strategic Accounts

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There’s no red tape or walls of bureaucracy here. And with the robust growth we’ve experienced over the past twenty years, there are tons of opportunities at every career level with paths for growth for those who perform.