On-Demand Webinar: CRA's Guide to Survive and Thrive Through Economic Turbulence.

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This economy is unlike anything we've seen before. Whether we are in a recession or not, it's clear there is much uncertainty and adversity impacting your business. So how can CRAs manage through or even thrive in these uncertain times?

Our industry veterans and business experts Bill Wilder, Marco Piovesan and Greg Jones explore the current state of the economy and share insights on how CRAs can survive and thrive through economic turbulence.

We explored these topics:

  • Current state of the economy and how it's impacting the hiring and screening industry
  • Lessons learned from the Great Recession and COVID. How can they help CRAs today?
  • Four ways CRAs can innovate during economic uncertainty
  • Advice on achieving revenue growth, managing finances, and controlling costs
  • Volume volatility: strategic solutions to fluctuating demand