CRA-Friendly Business Model.

Smart. Simple. Less risk.

Buy people-data the way you sell people results. 

The people-data business has evolved over many years. It started small and expanded… and expanded. Today a price list from a full-service people-data provider like InformData may have upwards of 3000 lines! Prices for each county, levels of information, custom reporting… it’s enough to make your head spin. And CRAs are expected to transform these complicated price lists into easy-to-understand costs for their customers. Mistakes can mean the difference between highly profitable and painfully lossy and can make the choice to scale the business very risky. We can do better. InformData analyzed gigabytes of data about buying patterns across hundreds of CRAs and figured out that all this complexity is needless. We built a new model that takes simple parameters that every CRA knows and creates a simple, CRA specific price model that ensures profitability for the CRA and simplifies the decision to scale the business. We call it Full Partnership. Smart. Simple. Less risk. If we work together, the future is brighter for everyone.