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Sourcing people-data as a process. Measurable. Predictable. Reliable.

The foundation for the scalable CRA.

What is a data supply chain, and why do CRAs need one? Simply put, a data supply chain is the series of process controls that ensure that the data you need is available when, where and how you need it. In the old days you’d pick up the phone provide some information to a service person, they’d go to the necessary court house, try to find the data and try to find you when they did so that your customer could make an informed decision. That’s not an example of a data supply chain and that’s not how people-data is processed today. People-data is complex, sources are myriad – both online and offline, privacy laws make compliance a nightmare and results have to be provided in specific forms for specific customers… sometimes in a matter of seconds.

The process InformData uses to accomplish this begins with Direct Source data, a process developed by InformData that eliminates the middlemen, simplifies processing and reduces supply chain complexity… in short Direct Source data gets CRAs closer to the data they need, when they need it in the form their customers demand. But being a data supply chain leader doesn’t stop there. It’s a continuous process of improvement with monitors, redundancy and performance metrics so you know you can count on InformData to deliver for your business and provide the foundation on which to scale and grow.

What’s your CRA built on?