API First.

Future-proof data at the speed of business.

Products designed with the computer in mind.

If you thought about the way you create products the way you think of Lego, you understand API First. It’s a methodology that standardizes and documents the inputs and outputs of each component so components can be configured easily to create more complex functions or replaced easily when a better methodology comes around. This means that everything you're developing is developed with the end goal of API consumption in mind. In this way API First future proofs products and allows high performance computer to computer communications. If you always build products with an API First methodology, you build more sustainable products which is better for InformData and better for CRAs. API First, it’s the modern way to build products that are secure, high performance and future proof. 

The 5 Rules of API First Design:

  • Treat the API of your web service as a first-class citizen.
  • Appoint product ownership for the API to keep the focus on high quality.
  • Design the API contract before building the web service in code.
  • Automatically generate documentation, client/server stubs, and mocked backends from the API contract.
  • Build the frontend and backend in parallel based on the API contract