August 27, 2023 | background screening

Elevating Your Solutions with InformData

In this dynamic economic landscape, we've journeyed through a remarkable year together, navigating uncertainties that have shaped our industry. As questions arise about a potential recession or shifts in the labor market, one thing is clear: volumes are becoming less predictable. Many have taken prudent steps to adapt forecasts and budgets, and at InformData, we've stood alongside you, leveraging our expertise to address challenges head-on.

As InformData has done in the past in challenging times, we have worked with many of you to solve the most pressing issues. By optimizing turnaround times, reducing manual labor, and eliminating the middlemen through our Direct-Source Data®, we have made strides in solving significant problems.

Our success stories echo this commitment:

Forging Ahead Together

While some service providers have simply stopped offering services in challenging areas or limited offerings, InformData has embraced innovation, extending our partnership with you by broadening access, getting you closer to the data and offering new solutions to evolving challenges.

If we can tackle these big obstacles, imagine what we could do to streamline and optimize your total cost of ownership with our CRA-friendly business model for your day-to-day operations. As you consider strategies for cost management using outsourcing, remember that InformData remains by your side. You're our customer and we're your ally whether we're working together to enhance efficiency, refine processes, or minimize your total cost of ownership.

If your CRA feels challenged by the partners it relies on or by the staffing model it uses to respond to a changing market, InformData’s staff of specialists are here to listen and offer solutions. You’re not alone. Give us a call!


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