May 22, 2023 | Direct-Source Data

Background Check Challenges in Rhode Island Solved With Direct-Source Data

What do you think about when you think of Rhode Island? I think about a few things: its coastal beauty - Newport has over 400 miles of coastline, Providence (the capital), Brown University, and the fact that it’s the smallest state in the country. If you work in the background screening industry, however; you might think about the delayed turnaround times and inefficiencies your company may be experiencing.

In the world of background screening and people-data, Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) and background screening companies have been grappling with challenges across many states. California PII redaction and the Michigan Clean Slate Law are just a couple examples. Rhode Island has recently popped up as a “problem state” due to the challenges that have emerged with automated background check capabilities, mirroring the difficulties the industry is facing in Maryland. The result is significant turnaround time delays on criminal background checks. In such a fast-paced environment where speed and accuracy are paramount, it's crucial to find a reliable solution that doesn't compromise on either front.

We have the technology

No need to panic. InformData has a Direct-Source Data® solution available to you today. Our innovative solution utilizes cutting-edge technology that enables us to seamlessly obtain criminal record data directly from the source. This means that your CRA can expect timely results without sacrificing accuracy on criminal background checks in Rhode Island.

Speaking of timely results without sacrificing accuracy… here are a couple stats: for the last 30-days, our overall turnaround time is averaging just under 9 hours, with a perfect accuracy rating of 100%!

Huge props to our engineers and ops teams for making this Direct-Source Data solution in Rhode Island an incredible success for our customers.

A partner you can trust

When it comes to conducting background checks, particularly in Rhode Island, it's essential to have a reliable data supplier that can deliver results in a timely manner. By harnessing our technology, CRAs and background screening companies can screen applicants efficiently and with peace of mind. Our track record of success in utilizing our Direct-Source Data methodology demonstrates our commitment to getting you closer to the data, ensuring that your CRA and your customers are equipped with the right information to make informed decisions. Contact us today to learn more.


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