December 14, 2022 | Direct-Source Data

Have It Your Way in MA, Introducing: Massachusetts All District Court Product

InformData announces a new premium offering in Massachusetts that enables CRAs and background screening companies to search all district courts in any one jurisdiction in the state with a single search. Translation: the most comprehensive criminal record data in MA in the least time.

Take a listen to a recent podcast to learn more about this new premium offering.

Navigating Criminal History in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, the background screening industry standard is to provide criminal records history from the county’s Superior Court and the County Seat District Court. However, most counties in MA have multiple district courts, ranging from one to twelve within a single jurisdiction. With our new All District Court product, CRAs can search the superior and all district courts within each county.

Have It Your Way in MA

InformData realized there was a gap in the people-data that was accessible to background screening companies and CRAs across the entire Bay State. In the past, there has not been a vendor network robust enough to support an all-district search in MA, but Direct-Source Data® changes that. We expanded our proprietary research team and built in direct-source processes to offer this solution in every jurisdiction in the state. This new Direct-Source Data enabled product empowers CRAs to perform fast, comprehensive criminal record data searches in Massachusetts.

Want to hear the best part? You get to choose. When we merged to become InformData and started combining products into one platform for CRAs, we discovered that it doesn’t make sense to just offer one product or another in some states. In Massachusetts, CRAs now have the option to order the standard county search or the all-district search from InformData. The All District Court product is premium and more comprehensive, but you can continue to order the standard county search if that best fits you and your end users' needs. This enables CRAs to provide their end users two different product offerings, without having to choose one or the other.

The Massachusetts All District Search Impact

Our Data Quality Assurance team has performed testing to determine the impact of searching all district courts in Massachusetts jurisdictions. The results show a 200% improvement in hit rate, from 3% for the standard search to a blistering 9% average for the MA All District Court search, with some counties as high as 14% - a whopping 366% increase.

MA Hit Rates (1)

These benefits come at a minimal increase in turnaround time. The All District TAT clocks in averaging just a few hours above our standard county search, even with the hit rate increase, all while maintaining a 99.995% accuracy rating. This means more records in the hands of CRAs and end users making hiring decisions, with great turnaround time and accuracy, at an affordable rate. That’s the Direct-Source Data effect.

Will it be the Standard County or All District for your MA searches? Your CRA can have the benefit of Direct-Source Data either way and when you have the need for speed, Direct-Source Data is ready. Contact us today to get more information.


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