June 12, 2023 | Automation

Introducing a Solution for Background Screening Challenges in Maryland

Maryland, known for its iconic sports teams like the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens, the prestigious United States Naval Academy, and the renowned Chesapeake Blue Crab, has presented considerable difficulties for Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) and background screening companies when conducting public record searches and criminal background checks in the state.

In recent months, the industry has faced significant slowdowns, and in some cases, complete shutdowns when it comes to performing criminal background checks in Maryland. Many of you have experienced the loss of automated background check capabilities through the courts.

Consequently, turnaround times have skyrocketed, causing increased costs for your end-users. Last fall, InformData recognized this challenge within the data supply chain as our turnaround times went from a couple of hours to over 150 hours. We took it upon ourselves to address this issue by tasking our operations and engineering teams to develop a practical solution that would meet demand, expand access, and bring turnaround times back to an acceptable level.

A Direct-Source Data Solution is Here

We are thrilled to announce that, thanks to the ingenuity and hard work of these teams, we have experienced incredible success with our Direct-Source Data® methodology which allows us to offer a solution that has reduced turnaround time to less than 24 hours. And most importantly, has allowed us to increase capacity without compromising on quality. This exemplifies the power of Direct-Source Data. As an industry, we identify challenges and then collaborate as your data supply chain partner to devise solutions that overcome these obstacles.

One of the additional benefits of Direct-Source Data is the flexibility it provides in reporting. We offer multiple options for data delivery to cater to the unique needs of each individual. Our commitment to being a CRA-friendly, flexible, and innovative provider remains unwavering. 

We invite you to contact us and discover how we can revitalize your Maryland court research, bringing satisfaction to your customers. Together, we can overcome challenges and continue to innovate in the background screening industry.


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