January 31, 2023 | Direct-Source Data

Direct-Source Data Delivers Big in Bexar, Texas for CRAs

Texas is hot, especially Bexar County. Not because it’s home to the city of San Antonio, The Alamo, SeaWorld, and one of Texas' most populous locations with an impressive 2.1 million residents. Bexar County is hot (Fun fact: Did you know Bexar is pronounced “bear”? Who knew?!) because it’s one of those places that gives CRAs and background screening providers headaches with long turnaround times. Not anymore, thanks to InformData’s Direct-Source Data®.

InformData has been on a hot streak recently, announcing significant Direct-Source Data wins for CRAs in multiple jurisdictions, most recently in Massachusetts and Maine. The gap between CRAs and the data they need continues to shrink with each Direct-Source Data success. The real winners here are the background screening companies we serve and their end-user customers.

Direct-Source Data Success in Bexar

Another jurisdiction, same remarkable Direct-Source Data enabled results. For the last 90 days, our average turnaround time for subjects with hits (records) in Bexar is a mere 15.5 hours. The speedy 15-hour TAT is error free, with a 100% accuracy rating for the last 90 days. While 15 hours is exceptional, we aren’t settling yet. We are continuously improving and will shortly have our turnaround time for hits averaging less than 9 hours, and overall TAT averaging less than 4 hours. Hats off to the Bexar team!

This impressive performance is attributed to a few key elements. We have an impressive, dedicated team that fosters a strong commitment to quality and understands the importance of timely results. This team is led by a supervisor that has personal experience performing criminal record research in Bexar, which has proven valuable in her ability to effectively strategize and streamline our processes in this jurisdiction. And of course, we have our Direct-Source Data methodology, that strategically blends people, process and technology, making it easier for CRAs to get closer to the data than ever before.

How Do You Win?

Direct-Source Data is now everywhere in Bexar County, Texas. Everywhere that is, if you are using InformData for your customer’s background screening requests. All you need to do to win the hearts and minds of your customers is start directing your background screening requests to InformData. Nothing extra to buy. No secret handshakes. Just good old fashioned customer satisfaction, Texas style. Don’t let Bexar County be your CRAs Alamo. Use Direct-Source Data.

And we’re not done yet. InformData will continue to expand our Direct-Source Data initiative, eliminating middlemen and providing more transparent information, with more efficiency and improving total cost of ownership for CRAs.

Have a question about Direct-Source Data, outsourcing verifications, fixed-price searches or anything else CRA-data related? Our people-data professionals are here to listen and ready to help. Give a shout, y’all. You’ll be glad you did.


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