March 1, 2022 | National Criminal Data

InformData's National Criminal Database now available on Accio platform

We've got some great news to share for our Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) customers using the Accio Data platform

Today, we announced the immediate availability of our National Criminal Data Solution on the Accio Enterprise background screening platform.

For years, CRAs like you have used National Criminal Database searches as a "pointer file" to determine if a consumer might have a criminal record outside the jurisdictions where they have been known to live.

Unfortunately, you've told us there have not been clear differentiators among the top providers of National Criminal data and that there was no transparency of information, a single solution that covers both national and local information, or enough flexibility to consume information exactly as you needed it to satisfy customer requirements.

We have addressed those concerns head-on with our reimagined Nat Crim solution. As a result, Accio users now have direct access to national criminal data featuring over two billion unique criminal records derived from over 2,000 different municipalities at the County, State, and Federal levels across the United States and aggregated it into an easily accessible format with flexible reporting.

With over 90% population coverage, InformData's national criminal data is among the largest electronically available criminal records source in the country.

"We’re excited to offer this seamlessly integrated solution to Accio’s impressive roster of CRA clients,” remarked Scott Vanek, founder, and chief executive officer of InformData. “The appeal of Accio’s platform, with its focus on 24x7 access and automation, reinforces the value InformData offers with its National Criminal solution, so it’s a big win for background screening companies.”

InformData’s revolutionary National Criminal solution is available immediately for existing and new CRA customers and places a premium on making National Criminal searches more efficient, comprehensive and customizable so that CRAs large and small can provide this service more competitively.

InformData’s solution couldn’t come at a better time for the industry. Our robust integration with InformData ensures that our CRA partners will continue to enjoy the same reliable service and record formats in their database searches as they do with InformData’s other offerings today,” said Barry Boes, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Accio Data.