February 9, 2023 | International Data Solutions

International Background Checks Made Easy with InformData

Wow. According to the government jobs report, the economy added over 500,000 new jobs in January. Half a million new positions! And the NY post and Wall Street Journal report that most of them are hourly positions and non-US citizens are the primary source of labor sought to fill them. If even half of those require background checks or verifications, that’s a quarter of a million searches. Great for the Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) business? Perhaps.

Research shows that 17% of the US workforce today is foreign born or has lived outside the US - that means background data that isn’t going to show up in your every-day, ordinary employment background check. If the math bears out, nearly 43,000 of those individuals may require international background data to complete the search, which means you or your provider must have the international know-how to conduct them. Is your CRA prepared for that? How can you pivot to profit from this growing trend?

International background checks can be summed up into one word: complex

The information requirements for international background checks are a completely different ballgame when compared to domestic. International criminal searches and verifications require more particular information and may include specific applicant data, supporting documents, or additional applicant-signed consent forms. The information required varies from country to country, and to top it all off, these already complicated requirements are ever-changing.

Complex, right? But it doesn’t have to be with the right data provider. InformData’s International Data Solution takes care of the mind-numbing intricacies of international background checks for your CRA. Let’s take a closer look.

Behind the scenes of our international process flow

The secret to InformData’s international success boils down to an ideal blend of people, process, and technology.

It starts with our people. Each member of our International Team has a specialized role and an understanding of the 200+ countries we conduct background checks in. Our team works closely with our researchers, sources, and clients to ensure reliable, accurate results in the shortest time. We also maintain a comprehensive network of researchers and have resources in-country that provide near real-time updates from the field to provide meaningful and timely updates to our clients throughout the research life cycle.

We utilize tools and reports built into our proprietary system to manage the status of each order. For criminal searches, we track the estimated completion date (ECD) that is set for the order to ensure we are meeting the deadline and communicating in real time, especially if an order requires more time for completion. For verifications, the team not only tracks the follow-up date, but also the attempts made, and the contact method used. If our primary contact number is unsuccessful, our research team dives deeper to find alternate methods to complete the search. This ensures that we remain proactive during the verifications process.

Additionally, our team keeps track of the information requirements for international background checks in each country. These details are a key component of a successful international criminal search or verification. International search requirements frequently change, and as soon as a change occurs, we update our documentation and relay the information to our clients as quickly as possible. Understanding the requirements of each area we conduct searches in allows us to side-step delays and conduct searches as quickly and accurately as possible.

A partner you can trust

InformData makes international background checks easy for CRAs. How? We manage the complexity so you can focus on delighting your customers.

We are well versed in the specific requirements that are needed to process an international background check in each individual country across the world that we offer services in. We tell you what information is required, you provide us the information, we handle the rest.

For international employment and education verifications, we communicate updates along the way. Every 48 hours we provide our clients detailed updates with information on what has been done so far and where the verification currently stands in the process. For both verifications and international criminal record checks, we provide detailed turnaround time information and timely updates regarding any country or source delays. Translation: more transparency for you, your customers, and their end users.

The need to conduct international background checks isn’t slowing down. Thousands of foreign workers on H-1B visas were laid off in the past 3 months. Verifying their backgrounds as they look for a new position will require international expertise… expertise your CRA can acquire simply by choosing the right data provider.

If your CRA is considering seizing the international background checks opportunity or looking for a partner, we would love to help you get started. Contact us today.


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