May 23, 2022 | Direct-Source Data

Background Checks Matter, Your Choice of Data Provider Is Critical

Criminal activity can occur anywhere, but as a consumer reporting agency (CRA), you likely don't have your own researchers to cover every single court in the country. In most, if not all cases you rely on third-parties that specialize in building efficient, reliable data supply chains to conduct county court research and provide the results on your behalf.

Choosing the right data provider can be one of the most significant decisions you face as a background screening company. Your CRA’s ability to meet deadlines, uphold quality standards, and satisfy your end-users’ requirements depend on your data provider. The processes, technology, automation and personnel they use (the unique combination of these factors is something we call “direct-source” data) to provide the data supply chain that makes or breaks your business. It leaves you asking, “Whom can you trust?”

As the company that’s been perfecting data supply chains for the past 22 years, we’d like to be the answer to that question, but frankly, we’re a little biased. So instead, we invite you to check out our latest eBook on the value/imperative of Direct-Source Data® for employment background checks, “How Direct-Source Data Improves Turnaround Time and Accuracy.” Here’s a little preview of what you’ll learn in this essential perspective on CRA’s and the data they need to be competitive and prepared to scale their businesses. 

Demand continues to grow for employment background checks, competition remains fierce and there’s no sign of it slowing down in 2022. There are nearly 2,000 background screening companies in the market competing for each other’s work.

Employers expect a lot. They want background checks to be faster, and more accurate. And they want them cheaper.

How can you best meet those demands? The obvious answer? Remove the layers between the research process and the data. This increases reliability, improves efficiency, enhances security and decreases turnaround time. In this new guide from InformData, you'll learn our secrets to achieving this game-changing result using a proprietary combination of process, technology and people.

Learn about:

  • The market opportunity awaiting every CRA.
  • What employers expect from CRAs.
  • How CRAs can meet those expectations.
  • Our secret sauce for removing layers from the research process to reach new milestones for accuracy and TAT.
  • Our data supply chain comprised of automation, full-time researchers, and priority partnerships with third parties.

Click the banner below to discover how InformData helps CRAs like yours break down barriers and evolve to rely on data supply chains that get closer to the data — and how getting close to the data with Direct-Source Data will help your business thrive in 2022 and beyond.


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