November 24, 2021 | Verifications

Yes, an outsourced employment verifications provider can outperform your internal team

Demand for employment verification services has reached historic heights. Consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) have been inundated with orders from employers desperate to fill open positions, and not every CRA has been able to process the requests or scale to meet demand.

As described in our latest ebook, while CRAs scramble to respond, backlogs are ballooning, and end-users are growing impatient. Worse, CRAs aren’t scaling fast enough while maintaining quality, to accommodate increased demand. Customers are beating down the door for your service and you can’t provide enough of it: frustrating!

Our ebook also prescribes a solution: outsource some or all of your employment verification orders to a third-party background screening data provider.

Outsourcing can be scary. Sometimes outsourcing feels like giving up control, but it doesn’t have to if you know the strengths and weaknesses of your internal process and team, plan properly and select the right partner.

It’s counter intuitive, but the right outsourced provider can help your company deliver reliable results faster than you may be able to accomplish on your own — and more affordably, too. Your CRA can grow again in response to demand, increasing revenue and profits.

Leading background screening data providers such as InformData have invested strategically in people, processes, and technology to be in the outsourcing business and help CRAs react nimbly to disruptive market changes — without sacrificing control or the accuracy and turnaround time end-users demand.


Optimized: Here’s how outsourcing with InformData beats internal teams

People: Scientifically Optimized to Scale Faster, Increase Efficiency and Deliver Reliably

Cumbersome onboarding procedures force CRAs to choose between maintaining unnecessarily large teams when demand is low and falling behind when demand spikes. The typical CRA can take four to six weeks to get a new researcher up to full production efficiency and accuracy.

On the other hand, the best outsourced providers have training down to a science and can bring resources on and make them effective to scale up at a moment’s notice. At InformData, we quadrupled the size of our verifications team in only six weeks while increasing output, decreasing turn-around time and maintaining accuracy. (We measure everything, every day, and now have 500 high quality professionals on our verifications team!)

How was this possible? We streamlined, documented and automated our training program by streamlining the employment verification process itself.

Process: Boiling Employment Verification Down to Its Essence

Placing tens of thousands of employment verification calls every week for years - all that data - can teach you a thing or two about what works.

At InformData, years of experimentation and analysis have resulted in advanced algorithms, built into our technology platform, that pinpoint exactly who to call and when. Each call is guided by a dynamic “expert system” designed to eliminate guesswork and move the call along as efficiently as possible. This is possible because of the artificial intelligence built into our rules engine.

Working from the rules engine base, we can quickly incorporate even the most particular customization requirements into the system. Typically, customizing the call cycle takes no longer than 72 hours — and significantly less time for simple customization.

Technology: The Tools for Success

At InformData, we have invested millions in state-of-the-art, cloud-powered call center technology and are continually vetting new developments.

Our proprietary calling platform features advanced auto-dialer technology, local caller ID, the option to complete verification via mobile and web, and interactive voice response (IVR).

Native integrations with data sources such as Google, The Work Number, and the National Student Clearinghouse and automation ensure efficient, seamless research.

Outsourcing Verifications: The Key to Clearing Your Backlog

Times like these should be opportunities for growth, not a threat to your business and source of frustration. By outsourcing your excess verification orders to a reliable data partner, optimized for outsourcing, your CRA can relieve the pressure and start reaping the rewards of today’s labor market.

Learn more in our free ebook, “The Ultimate Guide to Turning Verification Challenges Into Opportunities for CRAs.”