March 30, 2020 | COVID-19

[Podcast] Scott Vanek, Vince Brodt on COVID-19 and its effect on CRAs

Just one month ago, SJV Data Solutions held its annual Kick-Off meeting to share their 2020 plans and get everyone excited about some of most impactful initiatives on their product and technology roadmaps. At that time, COVID-19 barely crossed anyone’s mind.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with SJV’s President and CEO Scott Vanek and Vince Brodt, Vice President of Client Experience to discuss the COVID-19 crisis, the impact it is having on the background screening community and their advice on how background screening companies can ride out the storm.

This is a must listen for any background check provider that is interested in gaining insights into what other CRAs are experiencing, is struggling to maintain operations, weighing the benefits of a fixed price cost model through increased reliance on third-party providers and for those that could use a good laugh as Scott, Vince and I occasionally stray off topics.

Key Topics Include:

  • Getting a pulse on what we are hearing from other background screening companies
  • How this crisis resembles others in the past such as post 9/11 and the 2008 Recession for the background screening community
  • Tips for maintaining positivity throughout this uncertainty
  • The important role communications play in keeping clients and prospects informed without inundating them

I think the most insightful part is where both Scott and Vince discuss some of the positive developments they’ve seen both at SJV and among their background screening partners over the last few weeks.

Also, for those interested in learning more about what SJV is doing to help CRAs during this difficult time, check out our recent blog: “Helping Hands, The Cure for Unprecedented Background Screening Challenges”.