April 20, 2020 | MedEx Solutions

[Podcast] Hanging Out With Background Screening Expert Kim Kerr

Note: In December 2021 SJV and Wholesale Screening merged to become InformData.

We started the SJV Hangout podcast last month to discuss how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting background screening companies, offer tips and suggestions for how they can maintain efficiency and frankly, how to survive, among other things.

Thus far, the market response has been tremendous and we’re not only streaming on our site, but on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and TuneIn Radio.

This week, Vince Brodt and I sat down with Kim Kerr, a long-time expert in background screening to discuss a variety of topics. For those that don’t know Kim, you don’t know what you are missing—both personally and professionally.

Kim’s experience encompasses serving as the Deputy Security Director of the Salt Lake City Olympics Organizing Committee, Vice President and General Manager of Screening Solutions at LexisNexis and founder of TyphoonData.

Topics include:

  • When employers should consider re-screening laid-off and furloughed employees
  • The important role medical compliance screening is currently playing to expedite healthcare worker hiring
  • The anatomy of a “healthy” medical compliance search both pre-employment and as a post-hire monitoring tool
  • Using the Spanish Flu crisis to model the financial impact of COVID-19

For those that listen to the podcast, here’s a quick list of articles, blogs, and other resources we mentioned during the broadcast.

  1. The Spanish Flu and the Stock Market: The Pandemic of 1919
  2. The Coronavirus Economic Reopening Will Be Fragile, Partial and Slow
  3. The Anatomy of an Unhealthy Medical Compliance Search
  4. In just 24 hours, 1,000 retired health care workers volunteered to help fight coronavirus in New York City