September 10, 2021 | Product Development

[Podcast] Alternate Research Methods, Compliance and Early Release

Note: In December 2021 SJV and Wholesale Screening merged to become InformData.

At InformData, we recognize that the background screening industry is facing unprecedented adversity at this time, so we challenged ourselves to develop helpful resources for CRAs to manage their businesses throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Last week, we launched our first podcast to discuss the COVID-19 crisis, the impact it is having on the background screening community and advice on how background screening companies can ride out the storm.

This week, Scott, Vince and I sat down with Bob Capwell, Chief Knowledge Officer at EBI and Sean O' Donnell, Vice President of Operations at DISA to discuss how background screening companies continue to process background checks despite the obstacles COVID-19 has presented.

This is a must listen for any background check provider that is interested in gaining insights into what other CRAs are experiencing, tips and suggestions for how to process background checks in the face of court closures and delays,  or could use a good laugh as the group occasionally strays off topic.

Topics include:

  • Alternate methods for conducting criminal background checks
  • New technologies, products and services to help CRAs operate
  • Changes in the compliance landscape 
  • Impact early prison release programs could have on employers
  • Curbs on prosecuting low level criminal offenses

I think what impressed me the most about this interview was Bob and Sean's balanced, cerebral approach to working through the crisis and their commitment to facing these challenges head on. These guys are industry veterans with vast experience dealing with various crises and their resilience is on full display.