April 20, 2022 | Company News

PBSA Spring 2022 was fantastic!

For those who attended and those who could not, a quick follow-up from one of the most memorable PBSAs in the past decade. A woman on the street experience captures the mood.


sabrina-whittington"2022 Mid Year PBSA was like no other! So many genuine hugs. Reconnecting face to face with everyone meant more this conference than it ever has before. The load roaring buzz from everyone in the hallways as you start your day or you walk back to the ballroom after being outside of it was infectious. Lastly, it was different in that two large families of the best humans and professionals joined as one family, InformData. The awe, the congratulations, the curiosity from so many ...I personally have never felt more honored and proud to be a part of something so great. The entire conference was full of moments to treasure."

- Sabrina Whittington, Director Client Solutions


If you were there, it’s a recap to reflect on a great show. If you weren’t, Be Informed about the highlights, on us:

1. How’ve you been? Great seeing so many familiar faces and new faces, in person! The show was really well attended and everyone was there to learn how we’re collectively meeting the incredible demand for screening services. High energy!

2. Hot new brand. We launched our new brand! InformData is here to make people-data equitably accessible to all with a three-part strategy: API First Framework, People-Data Supply Chains and CRA-Friendly Business Models. Check out our new website to learn more.


Here’s a quick personal perspective on the atmosphere surrounding the brand announcement:

byran-snow“Not to steal my new colleagues' thunder, but I can only describe the conference as "electric". It was incredible for a number of reasons but to name a few; 1. It felt full and busy, really great to see after the last few years. 2. Seeing our industry family. I have been in the space for 10 years now and walking into the exhibit hall, seeing all of my industry family feels like home .3. Unveiling my new family with InformData. It felt good to finally get out there and introduce the industry to what we have been building over the last few months.”

- Bryan Snow, VP Strategic Business Development


3. Most talked about services. There seemed to be a constant stream of people in our booth with National Criminal Searches and International Background Checks on their minds. Hot topics for sure! We just started a blog series on International verifications. You can “Get Informed”.

4. Simpler, CRA-Friendly Business Models. This was another hot topic with folks at the show. Our Direct-Source Data® has enabled us to create data pricing that is simple and mirrors the way you sell search results. If you’re in the market for better pricing, let’s talk


There was something for everyone as our own Adam Abbruzzese observed:

adam-abbruzze“The PBSA conference has always amazed me since I came into the industry five years ago. The spirit of education, collaboration and dedication between friends, competitors, suppliers, and platforms is an incredible thing to observe whether it’s in a session, the booth, or the hotel bar after it closes way too early”

- Adam Abbruzzese, Account Executive


Last but certainly not least, check out pics from the show. You may find yourself! We look forward to seeing you in September at the Annual PBSA Conference in Colorado!

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