January 12, 2023 | Verifications

InformData's Verifications Suite Now Integrated with FRS

Verifications are the service CRAs love to hate. They aren't very profitable but are insanely time consuming and prone to inefficient, disruptive work patterns. Yuck! In the past there were not a lot of options. Like dirty laundry or washing dishes, you did them but didn't like them.

We are excited to share some fantastic news: Our education and employment verification products are now integrated with the FRS platform. If your CRA utilizes FRS, these products are now fully accessible to you. Simply point, click and your verifications headaches vanish.


Is your CRA considering outsourcing verifications?

Whether your CRA has decided to outsource verifications in order to focus on higher value-add and more profitable services or you just have a backlog that needs to be cleared, pronto, InformData has the resources and expertise to get the job done.

Big enough to handle the task, intuitive and automated to make your life easy. Over the past two decades, InformData has hired and trained the most skilled people in the background screening industry, perfected our processes, and developed cutting-edge Direct-Source Data® technology so you can use our resources as a seamless extension of your team.

Want to learn more on your own? These resources will help you understand how to turn your verification challenges into opportunities:

Think your situation's got a unique angle and need to describe it to a verifications expert? We're eager to listen and help you figure out how to transform your employment verifications from a headache generator to a profit driver, get in touch with InformData today.


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