May 16, 2019 | Automation

5 Specific Methods that Lead to Fast, Accurate Public Records Research Results

In today’s increasingly digital world, it seems everything is getting faster–if not instantaneous. Our very definition of fast has become even faster. When your customer has a new hire on the line and the only sticking point is the background check, fast takes on a new level of urgency. Then there’s the point of accuracy. Mistakes or inaccuracies reported in a criminal record can cause further delays, if not devastating consequences.

Fast can’t come at the expense of accuracy.

Get it done fast. Get it done right. Can your research provider do both?

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we’ve made it our mission to deliver the most accurate and timely public records research in the industry.

Here are five specific methods we use to accomplish those goals:

1. Structured Automation with Advanced Data Parsing

It’s no secret that the speed of life and work is being driven by technology. Tasks that used to require manual input or interpretation are now being handled by AI and automation. We have leveraged a team of developers to build the most robust structured automation platform available, including advanced data parsing capabilities. This platform, FuseOS, enables us to accept new research requests from any system and in any format, without skipping a beat. And it enables us to scale our workloads and automatically route research requests to the most appropriate resource to ensure data is delivered back in the shortest possible time frame.

2. Subject Identifiers Captured Upfront

A surprising source of inaccuracy in the background screening industry stems from the subject identifying information. Do we have the right subject? Is their name spelled correctly? Do they go or have they gone by any other names? Is their name easily confused with others?  The Wholesale platform captures subject identifiers upfront, without the need for dual manual entry. This capability better ensures the results provided actually do belong to your search subject. It dramatically decreases turnaround time while increasing efficiency by reducing the need for communication via phone, email, chat/tickets, that are related to matching the known identifiers with identifiers available in the court records.

3. Internal Research Team

You want fast criminal records research results? Easy. You also want them to be accurate? You better have a great team of researchers. Even when performing web-based jurisdiction research, there are nuances that can only be caught by researchers who are trained to see the red flags. At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we maintain a deep-seated team of researchers, based in our Virginia headquarters, who focus exclusively on web-based public record research. They are constantly evolving their processes as court systems expand the availability of online records. And they are trained to quickly identify issues that impact accuracy.

4. Boots on the Ground

The reality of our criminal court system across the U.S. is that each court’s record system is as unique as its location. For courts that limit what’s available through a web-based search, or for those that only allow web-based searches, it’s critical that your research provider has “boots on the ground.” At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we maintain a team of researchers across the nation that perform in-court research. Researchers are dedicated to knowing the ins and outs of their assigned jurisdiction and experienced enough to know how to get accurate data quickly.

5. Transparent Quality Metrics

If the whole world can see how many mistakes you’ve made, would that make you better? We think so. At Wholesale Screening, not only do we publish our quality metrics for everyone to see, we also make them available on a detailed, granular basis in our clients’ FuseOS dashboards. Our clients can see exactly where we stand.

If fast, accurate criminal records research is what you’re looking for, you need a partner who has the technology, team, and accountability to deliver. We work with leading employment screening, tenant screening, and risk mitigation providers nationwide and invite you to give our services a try.