February 23, 2024 | CRA Advice

Don’t Stunt Your Growth: Why Scalability is Key

Note: This is part of a blog series about the critical role a background screening data provider plays in the success of your organization and the importance of thoroughly evaluating key areas of your potential partners. In this blog, Bill Wilder, InformData’s Chief Operating Officer, shares his insights on the importance of your data provider's ability to scale with your growth.

Imagine finally securing that large client or closing a monumental deal, only to find your data provider is struggling to keep up with the sudden surge in volume. Delays pile up, SLAs are missed, your reputation takes a hit, and you risk losing business. In the fast-paced world of background screening, marked by endless peaks and valleys in demand alongside seasonal fluctuations, scalability is key. This is why choosing a scalable data partner is an absolute must for Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs).

Why Scalability Matters

A scalable data partner acts as your growth accelerator, not your roadblock. Here’s what you stand to gain:

  • Seamless Growth: Don't let your partner limit your potential. A scalable partner seamlessly adapts to your growing demands, ensuring you can take on new clients and expand your business without skipping a beat.

  • Peak Performance in Any Season: Fluctuations are inevitable. With a scalable provider, you're prepared for seasonal spikes and unexpected volume increases, maintaining efficiency and meeting service level agreements (SLAs) consistently.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: No more paying for unused resources during slow periods. With a scalable partner, you allocate resources efficiently, saving costs and improving your bottom line.

  • Future-Proofing Your Business: The market evolves quickly. A scalable partner ensures you're adaptable and ready for whatever changes come your way.

It’s important to keep in mind that while scalability is key, it shouldn't come at the expense of other critical components such as data quality, the level of support you receive, and data security. You need a partner who can scale while maintaining impeccable accuracy, delivering exceptional support, and protecting your data. This ensures you're not just meeting volume demands; you're exceeding expectations and delivering the best possible service to your clients.

Evaluate Your Provider

You may be wondering how you know whether your partner can scale with you… Here are a few questions you can have in your back pocket when assessing the scalability of your potential (or current) partner:

  • What is your current capacity? Can you handle 10x, 20x, or even 100x our current volume efficiently? And if the answer to 100x is true, be very concerned.

  • What is your process, and how fast can you build capacity?

  • Do you have contingency plans in place for unexpected surges in demand?

  • How do you ensure consistent data quality and service levels during high-volume periods?

  • Do you have a documented plan and demonstrated experience to measure and evaluate quality?

  • Do you have a dedicated team focused on process improvement and scalability?

  • What technology and automation tools do you use to handle large volumes efficiently?

Remember, scalability is just one piece of the puzzle. As I mentioned before, you want to ensure your provider isn’t sacrificing other key performance areas when volume picks up. I recommend you dive deeper into those critical areas – take a look at the other blogs in our “How to Evaluate Your Data Provider” series to get expert insights from my colleagues on how you can thoroughly assess your provider's quality practices, researcher testing protocols, business continuity planning and more.

Asking the right questions and evaluating all aspects of the provider's capabilities is crucial before entering into a partnership.

InformData: Built to Scale with You

At InformData, we understand the challenges of scaling your background screening business among fluctuating demands. That’s why we've invested in technology, processes, and people to ensure seamless growth alongside our partners. In 2023, we hit a record number of almost 56 million searches, all while achieving a 5 Sigma score. Here’s how we deliver:

  • Contingency plans and resource expansion strategies: We scenario plan numerous possible market impactors (e.g. court closures, sudden screening events, technology failures, etc.). We create documented plans and strategies to quickly adapt to changing demands.

  • Proven rapid onboarding and proficiency development: Thanks to our streamlined onboarding systems, new team members seamlessly integrate, guaranteeing consistent quality and swift turnaround times.

  • Constant investment in process engineering: Our commitment to process engineering translates into ongoing optimization efforts aimed at maximizing efficiency and scalability.

  • Continuous Improvement Department: Our Continuous Improvement team is dedicated to identifying, analyzing, and implementing enhancements to processes, systems, and practices on an ongoing basis. Through cross-departmental collaboration, they gather feedback and implement result-oriented solutions to drive efficiency, quality and innovation throughout the organization.

  • Dedicated "scouts" for improvement: We have team members who travel to courts across the country to seek out better ways of doing things, ensuring consistent process refinement and innovation.

  • Alternative expedited processes: Sometimes First In, First Out (FIFO) is not the most productive method. We study this and other techniques to maximize output in times of high demand.

Our ace in the hole? Our Direct-Source Data® methodology. By removing the layers between CRAs and the data they need, we boost efficiency, reduce turnaround time, enhance reliability, and increase data security. In other words, we’re primed and ready to scale.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you achieve your growth goals, reach out to our team.

Scale with Confidence

Choosing a data provider isn't just about surviving; it's about thriving in a dynamic industry where the volume fluctuations never end. With the right partner by your side, you can navigate the rise and fall with confidence, ensuring sustained success and growth no matter what comes your way.

Join me and my industry expert colleagues at our upcoming webinar, "The Background Check on Your Background Screening Data Provider: How to Choose the Right Partner," for expert insights and actionable advice that will empower you to navigate this critical decision-making process with confidence.


Up Next: In the next (and last!) part of this weekly blog series, Nick Fishman, InformData's Chief Marketing Officer, will share his insights on increasing examples of the supply chain competing with CRAs.

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