January 17, 2023 | Direct-Source Data

Direct-Source Data: CRA's "Maine" Attraction for Background Screening

Maine seems to have gone out of its way to make background screening a challenge with notoriously long turnaround times for criminal background checks. That’s all changed for CRAs using Direct-Source Data®. Now, you can get court record searches and criminal data background screening results faster with assured quality – a winning combination and the “Maine” attraction for CRAs.

InformData has implemented its Direct-Source Data methodology in Maine and recorded remarkable results with comfort-inducing 6 sigma (100%) accuracy and record low turnaround times. Let’s take a closer look.

Maine 2022 TAT (1)Repeatable, Rapid, Flawless Results in Maine

The Maine Direct-Source Data campaign began over 9 months ago with new technology and boots on the ground, and we’re ready to share the results. Continuous improvement, honing the techniques and streamlining the results pipeline throughout 2022 has produced repeatable, drastic reductions in turnaround times. TAT for subjects with hits (records) went from an average of 263 hours in January ’22 down to 31.8 hours in December ’22. That’s an astounding, process-driven, repeatable, 88% improvement. But wait, it gets better. Thanks to the accuracy-by-design architecture and our dedicated team of local researchers, Direct-Source Data has achieved a perfect accuracy rating (100%) for the last 180 days on all background checks in Maine. That’s 6 sigma +++. Queue the mic drop!

The Secret Behind the Success

So, what’s behind this impressive improvement? The answer lies in InformData’s Direct-Source Data approach to background screening which enables CRAs to get as close as possible to the source of criminal record data. This methodology is proven to drastically improve turnaround times with no sacrifice to accuracy, allowing CRAs and their employer-customers peace of mind knowing that their applicants are being screened quickly and accurately every time. The difference is in the data.

Eager to make your CRA’s background checks faster and more reliable than ever in Maine? Direct-Source Data is ready when you are.


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