March 8, 2024 | Our People

Celebrating International Women's Day

The 8th of March marks the celebration of International Women's Day—an occasion that provides an opportunity to applaud and recognize the achievements of women, advocate for support, and bring awareness to gender disparities. It is a moment to recognize the resilience, strength, and diverse contributions of women across different cultures, professions, and walks of life.

At InformData, we take immense pride in our exceptional team of talented female leaders. Join us as we spotlight their remarkable leadership and contributions within our organization.

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We asked a series of questions to the group, delving into their experiences as women in leadership, seeking their valuable advice, and exploring ways in which women can empower themselves and those around them. Get ready to be inspired as we unveil the insights they have to share!

Q: What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Helen – A time to acknowledge and honor women around the world for the contributions we make each day.

Ashtin International Women’s Day is super impactful to me since I am raising two young girls. I love that we are celebrating women and their accomplishments and showing young girls all over that they can do anything they set their mind to. I hope it really empowers those young girls out there, including my daughters, to just go after those dreams and trust themselves and their potential.

Lisa It’s a day to not just celebrate but to reflect and be inspired by the accomplishments of women all over the world throughout history. A chance to recognize the extraordinary resilience, compassion, strength of women.  Be it your own mother, sister, co-worker, doctor, or friend. It's also an important reminder and opportunity to do what you can to promote the inclusion of women worldwide especially those who are challenged with basic economic opportunities and rights. 

Kayla – For me International Women’s Day embodies the meaning of perseverance. This is a time to reflect on the achievements that have been won for women across the world. It’s a time for women and girls to be proud of what has been accomplished and a motivator to continue to enact change for all they believe in.

Hannah – International Women's Day is a time to honor the achievements and contributions of women around the world. It's an opportunity to celebrate the progress that has been made for advancing women in the workforce while also recognizing the importance of traditional family values and the vital role women play within them.

Q: How do you empower yourself and the women around you?

Helen – So many ways! Some highlights of ways to empower women: identify opportunities for their contributions, provide a space to speak, offer consistent feedback on their work, mentorship, develop junior staff for senior roles, and be approachable.

Ashtin I was lucky to be raised and grow up in a house of three girls. So, my sisters and I were taught from a young age that we can do anything anyone else can do. My parents really instilled that confidence in us early on that we can do anything we put our minds to, and no one can hold us back. It might be hard sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Growing up being a female athlete really helped shape who I am today, as well and really empowered me to trust myself and my abilities. If I show up and put in the work every day, it will pay off. Hard work, consistency and truly trusting yourself and your ability is key. I feel super lucky to now lead an all-female team in International and I think it’s equally important to share that with them. Showing my team every day that I trust their knowledge, their ability to do hard things and make difficult decisions really empowers them to reach their full potential at work as well. That also carries over to being a mom of two little girls. Instilling that confidence at a young age to just trust who they are and what they are capable of is so important. I’ll just be right there alongside them rooting them on.

Lisa By setting an example of demonstrating respect, educating myself, volunteering my time and offering my experience to mentor others. I have always felt it was my responsibility to pay forward the amazing experience that the female leaders I worked with early in my career in the healthcare space provided me.  At the time, most industries were still working to get female leaders to the C-suite level but in healthcare, they had broken through much earlier and the women leaders I admired were supportive and gave of themselves to develop the next generation of leaders.  I've always felt a responsibility to assist those around me wherever they are to be a leader themselves and continue it forward.

Kayla – I empower those around me and myself by being and leading the change I want see. I strive to deliver and create positivity, gratitude, and appreciation during my interactions. 

Hannah – I empower myself and the women around me by fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone's talents and contributions are valued and respected. I prioritize education, skill-building, and personal development, encouraging women to pursue their passions and ambitions with confidence. Together, we uplift each other, celebrate our successes, and navigate challenges with resilience and determination.

Q: As a woman in a leadership role, what advice do you have for aspiring female leaders who may be navigating similar career paths?

Helen – Know and trust in your knowledge and abilities, look for ways to build your self-knowledge, skills and networks, and continually work on your emotional intelligence.

Ashtin My advice would be to not shy away from the hard things. The greatest growth comes from the times of struggle and challenge, and just because that next step or next opportunity might seem too challenging or scary, trust your ability to do those hard things. Trust the work you have put in and trust yourself to overcome challenges. You will more than likely surprise yourself and then come out on top on the other side. 

Lisa Pay it forward. The time and energy you give to others comes back to you tenfold. Be passionate, fair and kind.  Stand by your beliefs and your values. Get out of your head when it comes to doubt.  Be confident and don’t let your own fears be your opponent. There will be plenty of actual obstacles that you will face. Don’t let the doubt in your head or fear of failing stop you from trying. Work hard and advocate for yourself.

Kayla – Always lead by example. Be confident in your abilities but stay humble. Take a collaborative approach during your career and maintain approachability. Never backdown from the challenge in front of you. It might seem like the mountains you face can never be conquered but I assure you no matter what the time passes, might as well spend it doing something impactful.

Hannah – My advice for aspiring female leaders navigating similar career paths is to cultivate resilience, confidence, and authenticity while embracing your unique strengths and perspectives. Seek out mentors who can offer guidance and support, and don't hesitate to advocate for yourself and others. Remember that setbacks are opportunities for growth and stay true to your values and principles as you climb the ladder of success. Above all, believe in yourself and your ability to make a positive impact in your field.

Q: International Women's Day is a time to celebrate achievements. Can you share a proud moment from your career that highlights the positive impact you've made as a woman in a leadership position?

Helen – I’ve had a number of female leaders who have had a massively positive impact on my career. So grateful! The way I try to make a positive impact is to pay it forward. I am always looking for ways to support and uplift, to help reach full potential, achieve their goals through encouragement, by sharing and celebrating their work, and inviting them into conversations where their voice can provide perspective and add value.

Ashtin I think becoming Director of International Operations has been one of my proudest moments. When I took the role, it was very uncomfortable to leave my old department. It was one of those ‘scary’ moves that I wasn’t sure I’d regret or not. It hasn’t been an easy road but the success of this team and the growth and challenges we have overcome together is really amazing. So, showing up to work and leading this International (all women) team is my greatest achievement so far. I will always say they are some of the brightest, most capable group of women I have ever worked with and I’m so proud to be a part of their journey at InformData. 

Lisa I can tell you it definitely wasn't golfing in Newport Beach, California as the female representative from my company in a charity golf event! The view was amazing, but my golfing skills were hardly an achievement. It has to be after numerous years leading a customer service department and moving into a new role in Account Management leadership, I was specifically recognized as a leader for the role I had in the organization’s growth and success. As part of the presentation, they had everyone who I had any kind of impact on professionally be acknowledged. Seeing the close to a hundred colleagues who through the years had worked directly with me, who were now leading in different areas of the company from Finance to Sales was a moment I will cherish.

Kayla – One accomplishment I am exceptionally proud of is being promoted into a different segment of the business. This gave me the opportunity to demonstrate and utilize my skill sets to their fullest potential.

Hannah – My proudest accomplishment is that I foster a culture of respect, integrity, and accountability within my team, emphasizing the importance of hard work and dedication. Through mentorship and guidance, I have empowered individuals to reach their full potential, which I believe contributes to the overall success and growth of the organization.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to this remarkable group and all the other extraordinary women at InformData, whose dedication and talent enrich our organization every day. Happy International Women's Day!