August 7, 2023 | Webinar

Webinar: Navigate Clean Slate with Pam Devata and Vince Pascarella

It’s the topic of the year! Clean Slate laws are gaining significant momentum across the country. The laws and implementation methods vary from state to state, making it complex and challenging for Consumer Reporting Agencies to navigate.

Pam D and Vince PAs Clean Slate laws continue to become more prevalent, being informed and prepared is essential. We gave CRAs like yours the opportunity to submit their questions and concerns regarding the Clean Slate Movement and used them to structure our webinar presentation so we could provide the most relevant information needed to navigate these laws successfully.

Join subject matter experts Pam Devata and Vince Pascarella as they share valuable insights on how CRAs like yours can navigate the evolving Clean Slate Movement. We cover:

  • A Clean Slate Movement Overview
  • State Involvement
  • Challenges & CRA Responsibility
  • CRA Questions Answered
  • Best Practices

Watch the Webinar