September 8, 2022 | Verifications

Webinar: CRAs Don't Have to DIY Verifications to Make Money Selling Them

We all know it. Verifications represent 20% of a CRA’s revenue but 80% of the headaches. The secret is that it’s possible to get rid of the headaches and increase margins for verifications. You just need to know how… and we’re gonna’ tell you. The secret is outsourcing, but outsourcing using the right methodology.

InformData explains why it makes more sense to outsource your verifications and how to outsource the Apple-way in this 60-minute webinar featuring industry experts. Watch the webinar here.

We covered these topics:

  • Overview of why verifications are a burden for CRAs
  • Total cost of ownership. Why in-house verifications cost more than you think
  • Why CRAs are reluctant to outsource
  • Benefits of outsourcing verifications
  • How state-of-the-art technology enables smart outsourcing for your verifications offering

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Outsourcing needn't be scary or risky if you do it the right way and it doesn’t require you to give up control. Let’s look at Apple as an example. Apple is the most valuable company and brand in the entire world, yet they don’t manufacture most of what they sell. For instance, manufacturing for an incredibly complex supercomputer many of us carry in our pockets, called the iPhone, and representing over 50% of Apple’s revenue, is all outsourced! CRAs can apply the same smart methodology to the far simpler problem of outsourcing employment verifications… You really don’t have to do your verifications to profitably and safely sell verifications.

I learned this first hand when I owned my own background screening company. Check out the video below!