January 14, 2021 | Verifications

[Podcast] Unprecedented Verification Demand Forces CRAs to Think Differently to Meet Turn-Around-Time Expectation

Note: In December 2021 SJV and Wholesale Screening merged to become InformData.


The "Great Resignation" and post-pandemic churn in the job market are stretching CRAs with unprecedented levels of employment verification requests.

In this episode SJV founder and CEO, Scott Vanek, EVP of Sales and Account Management, Vince Brodt, COO Bill Wilder,  and CMO Nick Fishman share observations, analysis and practical advice for CRAs on navigating the perils of too much demand for their services. 

Join us for the next 30 minutes as we discuss the following issues from the front lines of the employment verification market:

  • Demand is good. What's all the fuss about?
  • Why are verification requests skyrocketing now?
  • How did the pandemic force SJV to make tough decisions and investments that have prepared it to address the current market in terms of hiring, volume and capacity?
  • What practical things can CRAs do right now to meet these challenges?
  • How do you communicate these challenges to your end-user clients?

If you are feeling the effects of increased employment verification volume, this is the episode for you. 

Here's a bonus - this podcast has a twist - watch our Podcast Video here.