July 22, 2022 | Company News

The Big Reveal: InformData Announces Plans for Unified Platform

Seven months have come and gone since the SJV Data Solutions and Wholesale Screening Solutions merger was announced. Today as InformData, we are just as committed to the vision we shared in December of 2021 – to empower the background screening industry with the people data you need to make informed business and risk management decisions. We have made great progress as a combined entity, and it is time for another major milestone.

Our Goal

One of the largest technical goals of the InformData merger has been to consolidate onto a single software platform. As it stands today, InformData has customers that exclusively use SJV Connect or WSS Fuse, or a combination of both.

Our consolidated platform will support all product lines while optimizing efficiency for background screening companies and CRAs (Consumer Reporting Agencies) and empower them with actionable insights that are reliable, efficient, and drive down the total cost of ownership.

Ultimately, we intend to delight our valued customers by optimizing their user experience at every turn.

Our Decision

We have invested the last seven months merging development and support operations and comparing platform functionality between SJV Connect and WSS Fuse. We conducted thorough surveys and interviews with our clients, employees, and research partners to understand what they want most from our unified platform. The outcome of these efforts is a plan to reduce customers’ total cost of ownership, normalize product functionality across the installed base, and make future enhancements simpler and more frequent for everyone.

After careful consideration, we are excited to announce that we have decided to move forward on the SJV Connect platform.

We will use SJV Connect as our foundational platform, and we will migrate the highest value features of the WSS Fuse operating system for a “best-of-breed” platform.

We are excited about this crucial phase of our integration as it takes us one step closer to making people-data equally accessible to all.