March 15, 2021 | Podcast

[Podcast] Can Employers Require the Vaccine? Is Remote Work Here to Stay? Our Expert Panel Weighs In.


The remote work era is upon us. 

Or is it?

Now that the vaccines are here and we're ramping up to 30% of the population vaccinated and beyond, top of mind for everyone are two specific questions:

  1. Can I mandate that my employees get the vaccine?
  2. How will workplaces like mine change?

Our expert panel set out to answer those two questions. 

  1. In the first half, we talk remote work: how has it gone (both for background screening companies and end-users), is it here to stay, how are our companies handling it, and should it remain a leading method for building flexible and productive workforces. 
  2. In the second half, we talk vaccines: Can employers mandate the vaccine? Should they? Will they?

And of course we cover what role the background screening industry plays in all this. 

The Panel: 


Greg Dubecky

President, Corporate Screening


Scott Vanek

Founder & CEO, SJV Data Solutions


Bill Wilder

COO, SJV Data Solutions