November 1, 2023 | Data Quality

Meet Our Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts

At InformData, we've dedicated ourselves to delivering an unparalleled level of quality to Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) and the background screening industry. Our commitment to excellence is built on two key pillars: Direct-Source Data® and Six Sigma methodology.

Direct-Source Data establishes a direct connection between CRAs and the courts or primary data sources, eliminating unnecessary layers and mitigating risk. Throughout the data supply chain, each transfer introduces the potential for inaccuracies and undesired modifications. By eliminating these intermediaries, CRAs gain seamless access to data, offering the speed, transparency, and customization that end-users demand.

Six Sigma (6σ) methodology is a structured framework of techniques and tools that provides a systematic approach to process improvement and quality management. At InformData, it is the guiding light of our problem-solving and decision-making processes. The dynamic fusion of Six Sigma and Direct-Source Data combined with our hard-working employee network and advanced technology, enables us to maintain an exceptional level of accuracy in all our data offerings. Year-to-date, we've achieved a 99.974% accuracy rating, which equates to 5 Sigma. Learn more about what our 5 Sigma score means here.

We have several individuals at InformData who wear their Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts with pride. These highly skilled professionals have mastered the art of process improvement and bring their expertise to every aspect of our company. Let's introduce you to some of our talented Six Sigma-certified team members and hear how their training has impacted their role at InformData.


bill-wilder-1Bill Wilder, Chief Operating Officer - Black Belt

"My Six Sigma journey has helped me develop both my analytical problem-solving skills as well as my soft skills for facilitating groups. I use these skills every day in one way or another. While I don't claim that a Six Sigma certification is a prerequisite for becoming a Chief Operating Officer, it has undeniably contributed to my success in this role. I apply the tools and techniques taught in Six Sigma nearly every day, employing statistical methods to create various models that drive forecasting, staffing, and process improvements. We regularly conduct Kaizen events to address issues, and the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) framework guides our project definition and execution. Additionally, the soft skills reinforced by Six Sigma are present in nearly every meeting. It’s almost impossible for me to think of any aspect of our operations that isn’t touched in some way by the Six Sigma discipline."


matthew-hodges-1Matt Hodges, Director of Quality & Continuous Improvement - Black Belt

"I pursued the Six Sigma Black Belt certification to enhance my proficiency in process improvement methodologies and statistical tools, aiming to boost efficiency and effectiveness within our organizational processes. This certification is crucial in my position as the Director of Quality at InformData. It aids in defect identification, variability reduction, and bolstering overall process control, which is critical for ensuring the precision and trustworthiness of our background check services. The Six Sigma methodologies underpin my daily work, emphasizing data-driven decision-making and enabling the identification of root causes of issues, implementation of corrective measures, and sustainable improvements. The certification is not merely a credential but a mindset promoting excellence and continuous progress. It has instilled a culture of quality at InformData, propelling us to continually optimize our processes and provide outstanding service to our clients. This dedication to quality has upheld our reputation for accuracy and reliability in the background check industry."


dorinda-funkDorinda Funk, Director of Compliance - Black Belt

"At InformData, we strive to provide data that meets our clients’ needs while also working to help provide growth and lower risk. To help with the process, Compliance is a part of the system that is run through the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) and other 6σ tools. As the Director of Compliance, my role is complex when it comes to establishing or enforcing standards utilizing legal requirements, best practices, growth opportunities, and risk evaluation. My goal is to be fully invested in improving our product and quality while remaining in compliance with industry laws and requirements. The Six Sigma skills, knowledge, and tools learned and practiced become second nature, almost like breathing, and are used to meet this goal."


Marcus WilkinsMarcus Wilkins, Data Engineer - Green Belt

"Working under our Business Intelligence banner entails building a lot of tools and software capable of monitoring our performance. With proper analysis, the data I’m able to find can help pinpoint potential problem areas, which we can then proactively eliminate before they become troublesome. As my individual role here is more freeform and often requires decisions to be made on the direction of projects, I need a reliable set of concepts to use as a sort of “foundation” when determining what I want my reports and apps to show me. Since Six Sigma is pretty modular and able to be adapted to almost any process that has a definable opportunity for error, I often rely on concepts from it to make these decisions. I think Six Sigma is a great collection of analytical thinking skills to bring to work. Even if you aren’t breaking out the Pareto charts or Kanban boards or what have you, just taking a step back to analyze a process or problem with some of its core concepts will likely lead you to some clarity or jog your brainstorming session in a way you weren’t expecting."


Debi Buzbee

Debra Buzbee, Manager of Performance Management - Green Belt

"The skills I acquired in the Six Sigma Green Belt program have allowed me to approach projects with a focus on efficiency. I break down each project into smaller components, always seeking the root cause of issues and addressing them from the foundation. In my previous role as the Metro Atlanta Market Manager for InformData, I was on a mission to find ways to streamline and improve our operations. I applied the principles I learned and identified changes we could make, which resulted in optimized driving routes for our field researchers, improved turnaround times, and significantly reduced costs. My Six Sigma Green Belt certification played a crucial role in being selected for the Performance Management Team. I aspire to pursue the Black Belt and, possibly, the Master Black Belt courses in the future."


How many other data providers have made this level of commitment to delivering top-notch quality and accuracy? We take immense pride in going the extra mile for our customers to ensure they are equipped with the most reliable people data in the background screening industry. If you're interested in learning more about how we apply Six Sigma methodologies, or if you'd like to explore how our data services can enhance your operational efficiency, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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