July 20, 2022 | Direct-Source Data

How background screening companies and CRAs are benefitting from Direct-Source Data

I had the opportunity to sit down with some of our Sales Executives and leaders within the organization to discuss direct-source background screening data and the benefits our clients are seeing. We’ve hosted the webinars. We’ve written the eBooks. We’ve authored blogs on the topic. But today, I wanted to hear directly from the frontline. Those within the organization who deal with our clients on a daily basis, to hear how Direct-Source Data® has not only benefited their clients but how it’s changed the way they do business. Here is what they had to say. 


Q: Data security is a hot topic today. Security breaches, cyber theft, and ransomware expose CRAs to all sorts of risks and potential legal liability.  How does using direct-source data help ease the mind of today’s data security experts?

morgan-wrightA: "It really comes down to more secure data control for my largest, most key clients. At InformData, our direct-source research network and the process it operates under gives us just that! The data gathered from the courts flows right to our researchers and into our own reporting and quality assurance platform before being presented directly to our clients. When the data is Direct-Source Data and stays in-house, CRAs can rest easy knowing their background screening data is secure, and not falling into the wrong hands, every step along the way.” 

– Morgan Wright, Strategic Account Executive


Q: Why do CRAs choose Direct-Source Data? 

vince-b-blogA: “I see a huge difference between CRAs who choose Direct-Source Data and those that don’t. The biggest benefit of Direct-Source Data comes from removing layers that keep a CRA from being in control of KPIs like turnaround time, record completeness and security. CRAs that are closer to the data improve in the five performance areas their customers value most when outsourcing elements of an employment background check: accuracy, turnaround time, customization, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. That’s good for business!”

- Vince Brodt, Executive Vice President, Sales & Strategic Accounts


Q: We are strong in our stance that Direct-Source Data benefits our clients’ turnaround times by eliminating the middleman. Can you recall a specific example of how eliminating the layers between the data and a client, or that middleman as we call it, has benefitted a client’s bottom line?


emily-fosterA: Definitely. I’ve seen benefits to all my clients using Direct-Source Data. Here’s one example. A client running checks in Cook County, Illinois saw a big drop in turnaround time when we made the switch from third-party researchers to our direct-source research network. My client’s turnaround time shrank by over 30%. By using our primary-sourced research network in a challenging market like Cook County, my client was able to see the real-world benefits to not only their turnaround times but also real cost savings.

- Emily Foster, Account Executive

Q: What would you say is the biggest benefit of Direct-Source Data for CRA’s? 

adam-abbruzzeA: “When we surveyed our clients, they told us one of the most important KPIs for their business was turnaround time. Time is money. The longer their clients wait for a completed background check, the longer they’re forced to function shorthanded. Because of decreases in turnaround time due to Direct-Source Data, my clients have not only seen increases in productivity but also improvement on their bottom line profitability.

Fast TAT is important so that clients are not losing candidates in this economy where the candidates have so much power and choice of employment opportunities.

- Adam Abbrusezze, Sr. Sales Executive

Q: Are there examples of how choosing Direct-Source Data has distinguished a CRA from the competition? 

byran-snowA: “Yes. For sure. One client jumps to mind specifically because of the way Direct-Source Data allowed them to customize query responses. Because our Direct-Source Data cut out the middlemen in this one geographical area my client was able to customize their searches for their end-user in a way they were never able to when the data was passed from researcher to aggregator to platform provider to end-user.  In turn, their client, the end-user, was extremely pleased with the results and it led to more work for them. It was all a result of Direct-Source Data. 

- Bryan Snow, Vice President Strategic Business Development


If you are ready to get started with Direct-Source Data reach out to our team of data specialists.


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