March 29, 2023 | Direct-Source Data

Direct-Source Data Reduces Turnaround Time by 96% in Connecticut

Criminal background check results in Connecticut in less than 24 hours? A CRA’s dream.

Connecticut, home of ESPN and Yale University, is a very small state. In fact, it’s the third smallest state in the US. California is a whopping 32 times its’ size! For such a small state, turnaround times have historically been long and inconsistent, causing anxiety for those in the background screening industry that perform criminal record checks there. Not anymore.

It’s time to wake up from the nightmare of worrying about when your Connecticut background check results will be completed with InformData’s Direct-Source Data®.

Direct-Source Data: The TAT Smasher!CT Hit TAT (1)

Before we dig into the details, you’ve got to see these numbers.

In Connecticut, we have seen a 96% decrease in turnaround time, with our turnaround time for subjects with hits (records) averaging around 4 hours, with a perfect accuracy rating of 100%, dates of birth included!

This exciting improvement was brought to you by our Direct-Source Data methodology that gets CRAs closer to the data. Not just any data – data that is fast, reliable, how your customers want it, when they need it. Our commitment to this involves keeping a close eye on our performance to identify enhancement opportunities for specific areas or processes. We noticed the lengthy and inconsistent turnaround times in Connecticut, and we took action. Our internal task force and engineers devised, tested, and implemented the best Direct-Source Data solution, which includes improved technology and a more efficient process. CRAs can now get results in less than 10 hours, consistently, without sacrificing dates of birth – worth it!


InformData’s Mission

InformData’s mission is to make direct-source people-data equitably accessible to all. We take pride in committing resources to difficult and troublesome geographies to improve turnaround times and efficiency for you. The result is a more reliable way to access the data you need to consistently delight your customers and decrease your total cost of ownership. In other words, Direct-Source Data.

CRAs now have access to quick, reliable information in Connecticut when they need it. *pinch* You’re not dreaming! Get closer to the data in Connecticut. Contact us to learn more.

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