November 2, 2022 | Direct-Source Data

Direct-Source Data Ends Long Waits for New Jersey Background Check Results

Let’s talk about New Jersey. Ranking at number 11 on the list of the most populous states in America, nearly 9.3 million people call it home. A highly populated state means vast people-data and a large demand for access to that data in order to make informed decisions.

History: New Jersey has Been Tough for CRAs

Prior to 2020, manual, in-court research was the only way to obtain the criminal record data required for accurate, comprehensive background screening for employment, promotion, tenancy; just about every important business decision. A free online site was available, however it lacked comprehensive information (only partial DOBs listed, only guilty cases available, etc.). Researchers had to visit the courts to utilize the public access terminals to complete a thorough criminal background check. However, terminal access was limited; some courts just had one or two. This meant that access to accurate, comprehensive background information was limited.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, in-court research was put to a halt. In New Jersey specifically, it was nearly impossible to complete research for five long months. Following significant lobbying from PBSA and companies like InformData, the courts agreed to allow remote access to the PROMIS/Gavel system. InformData was among the first court researchers in the nation authorized to conduct remote court research in New Jersey.

Online access to complete and accurate criminal records in New Jersey is a major victory for the industry. Researchers no longer have to travel, navigate the courts, or manage limited terminal availability. InformData researchers can now focus on completing searches accurately, comprehensively and quickly so CRAs have access to reliable information from New Jersey when they need it.


TAT for the year of 2022 so far. Since June 2022, we

have seen record low TAT month over month.

The top four most populous counties in New Jersey

have had record low TAT over the past 90 days.

NJ 2022 TAT




Top 4 Populated TATs


Direct-Source Data®: Smashing NJ Data Response Times

After eliminating the backlog brought on by pandemic court-closures, InformData was determined to bring turnaround times in New Jersey down to numbers unheard of. With online access to comprehensive subject history and case information, this lofty goal appeared possible, without sacrificing quality. InformData created an internal task force to devise, test and implement the best Direct-Source Data® protocols for the newly accessible New Jersey information. The results have been incredible.

In New Jersey, our accuracy rating for the last 90 days is 99.997%. If you think that's amazing, this near-perfect accuracy was achieved while driving record turnaround times. Check out the graphics above that paint a full picture of the impressive TAT our task force has achieved using the Direct-Source Data methodology.

This progress did not come easily. It took significant lobbying, hard work from our task force and engineers, and a commitment to making people-data equitably accessible to all. We are proud to make the fruit of these investments and many others available to our customers as part of the relationship that comes from doing business with InformData.

Want to get instant access to these best-in-business turnaround times and accuracy in New Jersey for your CRA? Direct-Source Data is available to you whenever you're ready. Contact us today.