May 13, 2022 | Direct-Source Data

Background Checks Turnaround Time Unpredictable?

Does this sound familiar?  

  • Data costs too much
  • Turnaround times are unpredictable
  • Accuracy isn’t something I can rely on
  • Vendor management is killing productivity

Your CRA is one of nearly 2,000 that employers have to choose from. How are you going to distinguish yourself, grow revenue and maintain profitability? I know, I feel your pain. So I asked the nerdy data geeks that I work with how they’d fix this. And the answer they gave is so simple, I should have thought of it myself. 

You know the answer too. Get closer to the data!

I know, you’ve been down this road. But not just any data and not just any process creates success. The secret is being in touch with the source of the data. That’s how you gain control. Remove the layers. Eliminate the middleman. 

You’re busy, so instead of listening to me go on about how to get closer to the data your CRA depends on, InformData wrote it down in this new ebook. Grab a cup of coffee when you have a minute and learn about how to gain control of your data and your business with secrets like:

  • The process for removing layers from the research process to reach new milestones for accuracy and TAT.
  • Setting up a data supply chain using automation, full-time researchers, and priority partnerships with third parties.

Check it out in this downloadable online guide (it looks great on mobile devices). And then let’s talk. You can take control of your data and your business.