November 1, 2018 | 

5 preventative measures we take to avoid mistakes

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This saying holds as true in medicine as it does in business. Great companies have a keen ability to identify sources of risks and to prevent them from turning into a loss. When mistakes are made in the background screening industry, the impacts can be catastrophic. Preventative measures are essential to managing the risks of mistakes.

Our goal is to identify the sources of errors or ‘defects’ in a process and “engineer them out.”

Here are a handful of the preventative measures we take on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to increase our accuracy rate:

1. Daily testing of researcher accuracy

Researches are presented with searches containing known records. The results they return are reviewed for accuracy. This is a daily process of accountability and it enables us to identify problem areas before they impact a client.


2. Daily testing of our supply chain

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we maintain a tightly-controlled network of researchers within our supply chain. Daily, our supply chain is presented with known results and, like our internal researchers, their results are reviewed for accuracy. Problem areas are rooted out quickly to ensure our supplier network is always running at its best.


3. Ongoing Education and Corrective Action Participation

Any time a defect occurs, the findings are shared directly with the research team. Researchers participate in root cause investigations and corrective actions to ensure direct learning. Our quality team also reviews every defect to identify the root cause and address it through training, coaching, process re-engineering, and/or other measures.


4. Ongoing Use of Technology

Our proprietary operating system, FuseOS, is designed with the goal of building a quality system that people can rely on, not a quality system that relies on people. FuseOS uses proprietary algorithms to track turnaround times, accuracy rates, and to offer early detection of quality issues.


5. Monthly Executive Participation

SOQ (State of Quality) meetings happen monthly. The quality team presents metrics, activities, and performance to goal directly to the management team to ensure accountability and transparency, and to support a culture of quality.

The more defects we can prevent, the closer we will come to our goal of reaching a Six Sigma level of quality. Through these and other preventative measures, Wholesale Screening Solutions will continue to push to exceed your expectations and help you remain a trusted partner to your clients.