On-Demand Webinar: California PII Redaction & What It Means For CRAs.

Watch the webinar.

If I asked you what state is the most challenging for your CRA right now, what would your answer be?

My guess is that it would be California – and for good reason. California’s PII redaction has created extreme challenges for the background screening industry and employers. It was a hot topic at the 2023 PBSA Mid-Year Conference, and it continues to come up in conversations every day with our clients. In this on-demand webinar, we dig into California PII redaction with Vince Brodt and Bryan Snow. Watch the webinar to get the 411 on:

  • The latest updates on what’s going on in California
  • The overall challenges and why they matter
  • Where CRAs are impacted
  • How InformData is helping CRAs
  • What your CRA can do